2MgO/2Al2O3/5SiO2 - DTS

A developmental product, Fujimi's Cordierite (2MgO, 2Al2O3, 5SiO2) composite material is used for a variety of thermal spray applications.

This is a developmental product currently with one type available. Contact us for other sizes or purities.

Type Particle Size (µm) Chemical Composition Spray Gun Typical Properties
DTS-A76-63/10(1) 2MgO/2Al2O3/5SiO2
Agglomerated and Sintered
-63+10 Plasma Spray
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Thermal Shock Resistance

(1) This is a new developmental material with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Thermal Spray Material

Thermal Barrier, Thermal Shock Resistance

Magnesium Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Oxide