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New Silaned Coated Particle for Laminated Flooring

Posted July 2, 2013

Fujimi Corporation is excited to announce the development of a new series of highly pure silane coated alumina particles for the laminated flooring market.  The particles are intended to be added to your resin or melamine formulation for use as a wear resistant layer. We have a variety of silane coated alumina powders to meet your specific application needs.  Below are properties that can be targeted to your application's requirements. Particle size:  2 - 5um ...

Fujimi Corporation Saved Over 41 Trees in 2012

Posted May 3, 2013

Fujimi Corporation, through our participation in the Shred-itTM shredding and recycling program, saved 41.9 trees from destruction in 2012 through our shredding and recycling of approximately 2.3 tons of paper.  The Shred-itTM program ensures that all material shredded from our location is baled and recycled.  Based on industry estimates, every ton of recycled paper: saves 18 new trees from being harvested for pulp and paper production uses 64% less energy uses 5...

Fujimi Corporation Presented with Washington County's Recycle at Work Award

Posted April 8, 2013

Fujimi Corporation is proud to announce that it was recently awarded for its recycling and waste reduction efforts by Washington County's Recycle at Work program.  Washington County’s Recycle at Work Program recognizes local area businesses for excellence in Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Environmental Purchasing. Creating less waste, recycling, and buying recycled products help make Washington County a healthier place at home, work and play. Through our efforts, Fuji...

Fujimi Corporation Releases Newly Redesigned Website

Posted November 30, 2012

Newly Redesigned Website at Fujimi Corporation is excited to announce the release of our newly re-designed corporate website. Through collaborative design and development between Fujimi Corporation and Portland based Media Mechanic, our new site represents Fujimi Corporation’s dedication to our customers, our products, and our quality. We have significantly re-designed our site to make it a resource for our customers (both current and future) as well ...

Planarization Efficiency of Cu Protrusion

Posted November 26, 2012

Our Senior Product Development Chemist, Dr. Jie Lin, recently presented a paper at The International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology, ICPT 2012 (October 15-17 in Grenoble, France). The paper is titled "Planarization efficiency of Cu Protrusion", and is co-authored by Jie Lin and Charles Poutasse. ICPT is the annual high-level conference covering all aspects of Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (CMP). ICPT was founded by a co-operation of the CMP Users Groups of Europe, Ja...
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