Cr3C2/25NiCr - SURPREX CNC25

The SURPREX CNC25 series of powder materials for thermal spray is a Chromium Carbide/NiChrome compound with strenth and particle size that is strictly controlled during the agglomerating and sintering process to fit the specific operating conditions of various spray guns. This product is developed to best suit high temperature applications.

Four types of particle sizes of SURPREX CNC25 are available, suitable for different spray guns.
Type Chemical Composition Particle Size (m) Spray Gun
SURPREX CNC25L CrC/25%NiCr -53+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, DJ2600, DJ2700, Axial III, High Power Plasma Gun, etc...
SURPREX CNC25J -45+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, HVAF, Jet Kote, DJ2600, DJ2700, Axial III, Ordinary Plasma Gun, etc...
SURPREX CND25D -38+10 DJ Standard, DJ1000, HVAF, Jet Kote, Ordinary Plasma Gun, etc...
SURPREX CNC25S -30+5 SB-250, SB-500, ϴ gun, etc...
DTS-C105-53/10(1) -53+10 HVOF
DTS-C60-38/10(1) -38+10 HVOF
DTS-C68-30/5(1) -30+5 HVOF
DTS-C106-53/15(1) CrC/30%NiCr -53+15 HVOF
DTS-C164-53/15(1) CrC/35%NiCr -53+15 HVOF
DTS-C112-38/10(1) -38+10 HVOF
(1) Denotes a developmental materials with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.

Typical Chemical Composition (wt%)
Type Cr Ni C Fe
SURPREX CNC25J Bal. 20.0 10.0 0.3

Typical Particle Size Distribution (Cumulative wt%)
Type +53 m +45 m +38 m +32 m -20 m -15 m -10 m -5 m
SURPREX CNC25L 4.7 27.3 48.9 4.9 1.0 0.0
SURPREX CNC25J 6.9 28.4 42.6 4.3 0.6 0.0
SURPREX CNC25D 3.2 24.8 3.6 0.2 0.0
SURPREX CNC25L 1.9 16.2 1.7 0.0

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Boiler Tubes, Chemical Processing Plant Equipment, Turbine Blades, Gas Turbine Engines

Hot Abrasion Resistance, Hot Corrosion Resistance, Abradable Sliding Parts

NiChrome, Chromium Carbide

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