WC/10%Co/4%Cr - SURPREX W1004

The SURPREX W1004 series of thermal spray powder materials are based on Tungsten Carbide, Cobalt, and Chromium compounds. The particle size and strength are strictly controlled during agglomerating and sintering processes to avoid spitting during spraying. Excellent corrosion resistance is exhibited in both dry and wet environments with a great deal of improvements made on poor corrosion resistant WC/Co-type cermets. Well-balanced spray coatings are produced by a combination of high hardness, wear resistance, and toughness.

Four types of SURPREX W1004 and numerous development products are available, suitable for different spray guns.
Type Particle Size (m) Spray Gun Typical Properties
SURPREX W1004L -53+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, DJ2600, DJ2700, High power plasma gun, Axial III, etc... Hardness, Toughness, Wear resistance, Corrosion resistance, Slurry erosion resistance
SURPREX W1004J -45+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, HVAF, Jet Kote, DJ2600, DJ2700, Axial III, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX W1004D -38+10 DJ standard, HVAF, Jet Kote, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX W1004S -30+5 SB-250, SB-500, ϴ gun, etc...
DTS-W375-53/15(1) -53+15 -
DTS-W172-38/10(1) -38+10 -
DTS-W108-30/5(1) -30+5 -
DTS-W297-10/0(1) -10+0 -
DTS-W360-45/15(1) -45+15 - Primary particle size (Large), Corrosion resistance, Cavitation erosion resistance
(1) Denotes a developmental materials with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.

Typical Chemical Composition (wt%)
Type W Co Cr C Fe
SURPREX W1004J Bal. 10.0 4.0 5.9 0.1

Typical Particle Size Distribution (Cumulative wt%)
Type +53 m +45 m +38 m +32 m -20 m -15 m -10 m -5 m
SURPREX W1004L 3.5 12.7 34.7 10.6 2.6 0.2
SURPREX W1004J 5.5 17.6 31.6 11.3 2.4 0.1
SURPREX W1004D 3.9 10.2 4.7 0.2 0.0
SURPREX W1004S 1.8 16.5 2.1 0.0

Typical Properties
Type Apparent Density (g/cm3) Flow Rate (sec/50g) Coating Hardness (Hv200g)
SURPREX WC12J 5.2 15.7 1100 ~ 1300

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Turbine Blades, Pump Parts, Hydro Turbines

Oxidation Resistance, High Toughness, Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance

Cobalt, Tungsten Carbide, Chromium

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