WC/20%CrC/7%Ni - SURPREX W2007

The SURPREX W2007 and its developmental siblings are an agglomerated and sintered composite powder of WC/20%CrC/7%Ni. These thermal spray materials are free of spitting through powder classfication technology and particle strength control. They are designed for various types of High-Velocity Flame Spray Guns to achieve higher deposition efficiencies. These materials have excellent wet wear resistance and perform well in protecting against corrosion in harsh environments.

Four types of SURPREX W2007 and numerous developmental versions are available, suitable for different spray guns.
Type Particle Size (m) Spray Gun Typical Properties
SURPREX WC2007L -53+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, DJ2600, DJ2700, High power plasma gun, Axial III, etc... Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Slurry Erosion Resistance, Oxidation Resistance
SURPREX WC2007J -45+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, HVAF, Jet Kote, DJ2600, DJ2700, Axial III, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX WC2007D -38+10 DJ standard, HVAF, Jet Kote, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX WC2007S -30+5 SB-250, SB-500, ϴ gun, etc... -
DTS-W74-30/5(1) -30+5 -
DTS-W374-10/0(1) -10-0 -
DTS-W94-45/15(1) -45+15 - Primary particle size (Large), Excellent wear resistance
(1) Denotes a developmental materials with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.

Typical Chemical Composition (wt%)
Type W C Cr Ni Fe
SURPREX W2007J Bal. 7.12 17.4 6.75 0.14

Typical Particle Size Distribution (Cumulative wt%)
Type +53 m +45 m +38 m +32 m -20 m -15 m -10 m -5 m
SURPREX W2007L 2.8 9.4 43.4 14.1 4.0 0.4
SURPREX W2007J 3.3 17.7 28.8 15.5 3.2 0.2
SURPREX W2007D 1.6 4.4 18.4 3.2 0.0
SURPREX W2007S 2.0 26.5 4.5 0.0

Typical Properties
Type Apparent Density (g/cm3) Flow Rate (sec/50g) Coating Hardness (Hv200g)
SURPREX WC12J 950 ~ 1350

Corrosion Resistance Comparison
Corrosive Solution WC/20CrC/7Ni WC/10Co/4Cr
10 wt% Hydroperoxide Δ
30 wt% Iron (III) Chloride X
10 wt% Sodium Hydroxide Δ
10 wt% Nitric Acid
10 wt% Sulfuric Acid X
10 wt% Hydrochloric Acid X

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Film Rolls, Paper Coating Rolls, Petro-Chemical Processing Plant Parts, Plungers

Corrosion Resistance, Wet Wear Resistance

Nickel, Chromium, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon

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