The SURPREX WC17 and its developmental siblings are an agglomerated and sintered composite powder of WC/17%Co.

Four types of SURPREX WC17 and one development version are available, suitable for different spray guns.

Type Particle Size (µm) Spray Gun Typical Properties
SURPREX WC17L -53+15 - Toughness, Wear Resistance
SURPREX WC17J -45+15 -
SURPREX WC17D -38+10 -
SURPREX WC17S -30+5 - -
DTS-W398-10/0(1) -10+0 -

(1) Denotes a developmental materials with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.
Typical Chemical Composition (wt%)

Type W C Co Fe
SURPREX WC17J - - - -

Typical Particle Size Distribution (Cumulative wt%)

Type +45 µm +38 µm +32 µm -20 µm -15 µm
SURPREX WC17J - - - - -

Typical Properties

Type Apparent Density (g/cm3) Flow Rate (sec/50g) Coating Hardness (Hv200g)
SURPREX WC17J - - 900 ~ 1300

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Jet Engine Parts, Fretting Parts, Aircraft Parts, Fan Blades, Internal Combustion Engine Parts

Fretting Wear Resistance, High Toughness, Impact Resistance

Cobalt, Tungsten Carbide