The SURPREX WC12 and its developmental siblings are an agglomerated and sintered composite powder of WC/12%Co whcih, when thermally sprayed, features remarkably high deposit efficiency and freedom from spitting due to strictly controlled size and strenth of particles. It has been found that there is a strong relationship between average size of WC (raw material) and properties of sprayed coating. The optimized WC/12%Co will be supplied by Fujimi to take account of customer's required thermal spray conditions and properties of coating.

Four types of SURPREX WC12 are available, suitable for different spray guns.

Type Particle Size (µm) Spray Gun Typical Properties
SURPREX WC12L -53+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, DJ2600, DJ2700, High power plasma gun, Axial III, etc... Hardness, Wear Resistance, Abrasion Resistance
SURPREX WC12J -45+15 JP-5000, JPW5, J gun, HVAF, Jet Kote, DJ2600, DJ2700, Axial III, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX WC12D -38+10 DJ standard, HVAF, Jet Kote, Ordinary plasma gun, etc...
SURPREX WC12S -30+5 SB-250, SB-500, ϴ gun, etc... -
DTS-W171-75/32(1) -75+32 -
DTS-W76-30/5(1) -30+5 -
DTS-W160-45/15(1) -45+15 - Primary particle size (Large), Excellent wear resistance
DTS-W232-53/15(1) -53+15 -
DTS-W522-45/15(1) -45+15 - Lower carbon content, Durability in molten alloys

(1) Denotes a developmental materials with varying degrees of market availability, contact Fujimi sales staff for more information regarding availability, properties, and applications.
Typical Chemical Composition (wt%)

Type W C Co Fe
SURPREX WC12J Bal. 5.4 12.0 0.03

Typical Particle Size Distribution (Cumulative wt%)

Type +45 µm +38 µm +32 µm -20 µm -15 µm
SURPREX WC12J 4.4 12.1 23.5 16.8 3.3

Typical Properties

Type Apparent Density (g/cm3) Flow Rate (sec/50g) Coating Hardness (Hv200g)
SURPREX WC12J 4.6 16.4 1000 ~ 1400

Product Stats:

Thermal Spray Materials

Fan Blades, Doctor Blades, Snake Rotors, Fresh Rubber Cutters, Guide Rolls, Printing Machinery Parts, Excavator Tools, Injection Molding Machinery Parts, Jigs for Measurement, Fan Disks

Cermet (Ceramic and Metal Powders), Erosion Resistance, High Hardness, Thermal Spray Material, High Toughness, Abrasion Resistance, Wear Resistance

Cobalt, Tungsten Carbide

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